What does Jamie Brown think to the Sceptre Rods?

Jamie Brown had been looking to change his rods for a while as he had some entry level 3lb rods that had done him very well but that couldn’t achieve the distance he needed at some of the waters that he fishes.

Trying out for Carp Team Scotland Jamie needed some rods that would help him achieve the distance he needed but at this stage in his fishing he didn’t want to pay out for the higher end rods.

He was considering our Enduro 13’ power distance rod but as he also fishes small waters he really wanted a 12’ rod.

Just as he was about to purchase the 13’ we launched the Sceptre range and after a chat and looking at photos from other team members he bit the bullet and purchased a set of 12’ 3.5lb test curve rods with the matching Spod rod.

Since getting these rods Jamie has found them to be a proper work horse, fishing in a couple of trials for Carp Team Scotland and having to fish at a distance he was not able to achieve previously.

Finished in a mat black with green logos and green whipping finishes, he says they look the part, feel solid, have a great recovery and above all, meet the needs of the type of angling he has been needing to do for a while.

The minimal reel seat is a DPS18 which took his reels with no issues, finished with Lightweight LTS SIC guides from 50 to 16, and EVA but grip with a small and perfect raised section towards the rear and the markings of RH on the butt cap, they are a slick and appealing rod.

Having been maxing out at 27 wraps or there abouts with the previous rods and having to power through to hit that, he was now hitting 32 comfortably with a normal cast and with a little tuition on the trials, one cast hit 42 wraps, a fluke? Possibly, but it showed that the rod was capable in the right hands of hitting a big distance.

The trials covered 72 hours each weekend and required a lot of casting, no point in a match scenario of casting and waiting, you need to scratch out every bite, so Jamie got to cast these rods a lot, every 15 minutes to an hour on rotation, spodding over 30kg each weekend and chopping and changing presentations, baits, rigs and techniques.

He felt that he gave the rods a great workout and a proper chance to see how they performed, probably a months’ worth of casting in a single weekend.  Since then he has been at a local lake practicing his casting and they are accurate, powerful but forgiving and have a great feel.

Jamie is sure that he cannot break one of these easily unlike his son’s other brand rod that the tip snapped with a little pressure.

Our description says these are entry level rods, but Jamie disagrees and says that although entry level pricing, they have big money performance and the blank that has been used is far better than the name of budget or entry level rod suggests.

A proper rod for a proper job as they say, well worth the initial chance he took on a new rod, and Jamie says don’t discount these rods because they say entry level, they are capable of far more then your average entry level rod.


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