Spice Up Your KMG with Grant Banton

Team member Grant Banton shares a step by step guide on how he boosts his KMG boilies which he then uses on the hook and for pre-baiting spots to get the fish feeding.

 So to start with, what you would need;

*KMG Boilies in preferred  sizes

*Glug of choice (Grant went for the Rod Hutchinson Red Salmon & Krill to boost the present levels in the base mix of the KMG)

*Salmon Oil

*Black Pepper

*Particle Mix

Starting out with roughly 2.5kg of 15mm KMG boilies chopped into halves.  If time is against him regarding prep Grant will scald the chopped baits in boiling water very briefly to soften them up quickly.

Once you have your softened chopped boilies, pour the desired amount of glug and salmon oil onto the baits and give them a really good shake so that all the baits are coated throughout.

(Double check the lid , Grant says he wouldn’t recommend going back to the Mrs stinking of Krill & Salmon)

Once the glug and salmon oil has had an hour or two to start to soak in, spread a healthy layer of ground black peppercorn over the top and again place the lid on and give them a good shake up.

Repeat this process until the pepper has attached itself to at least 70%-80% of the visible baits.

Depending on how long Grant has between sessions, he shakes the bucket on a daily basis to keep the mixture constantly clinging to the boilies rather than sitting in the bottom of the bucket.

After a few days the baits should take all the liquid on board and you’re left with soft, dark coloured, attractive baits that will leave a trail of scent as they enter the water.

You will also get the tell tale slick of oil on the surface.

The final ingredient is the particle mix, that goes in the morning of Grant’s session or a few hours before spodding/boating out.

Grant always keeps a pot of double soaked hook baits ready to go out over the top.

This has helped Grant bag a few fish on a tricky water since he has tried it and hopes it can be of benefit to somebody else.


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