Legend Intense Sweetner 50ml


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Rod Hutchinson Legend Intense Sweetner is part of the Rod Hutchinson Additives range. Developing this range has requested several tons of carp and more than thirty years of carp fishing across the globe. Made from the mind of Rod, one of the worlds master carp fishermen of all time.

There is nothing to say other than these flavours are awesome and are the most effective of any carpers angling weapons.  Able to help you even in the most difficult of situations. The intense sweetner is an all round sweetener that is the perfect one to cure the finest bird-food and bird-fish mixes. Intense sweetner has been submitted to more than thirty years of field testing by Rod himself. Once you’ve tried this amazing bait, we doubt you’ll need anything else.

Size: 50ml

Recommended dosage: 7-12ml for 6 large eggs.


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