DMX Fixed Landing Net 42″


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Netting a fish is probably the most stressful period of the fight and you need a net you can rely on. Unhooking and ensuring that your trophy is dealt
with quickly and efficiently is a major priority. Here again, you need a net that you can rely on.

The Dream Maker Extendable and DMX fixed landing nets do all these things and more Featuring the lightest, strongest materials we can source and incorporating every feature ever demanded of a net. These nets are sure to prove popular amongst all big carp anglers. The Dream Maker Extendable model utilises a steadfast twist-lock mechanism that makes them invaluable where extra reach is required


Unique machined carbon spreader block
• Ultra soft, ultra durable reinforced mesh
• Carry handles sewn in to mesh base for easy transportation of heavy fish
• Mesh tidy strap to alieviate gape around block
• Rod Hutchinson Net Float with elasticated fixings to block
• Net clip
• Light yet ultra strong 42” carbon arms
• S-3K 40T woven carbon handle
• Japanese shrink wrap handle
• Laser etched butt cap
• Dream maker Net with Extendable twist and lock extension mechanism
• DMX Net with Fixed Handle


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