Now the dust has settled!!

Kev Beaumont recently went to France, it was a risky journey as the lake in question had been dominated by a well known brands bait for nearly 10 years and this would be the first time the lake had seen the Rod Hutchinson Ballistic B.

Kev’s confidence in the Ballistic B had only been built on local waters but by witnessing the fishes response to a bait which he was sure that they had not seen before where he was astonished by the response.

Locally Kev has a low stocked reservoir with old wise fish (40 years+) which consists of a marginal ledge approximately 10ft out.  On an evening the fish patrol this ledge which offered Kev a great sight to see for himself the reaction to the Ballistic B and something that Kev has done with various baits for many years.

Typically Kev finds the routes in the weed towards the shelf and looks for areas where several routes meet, this gives him the best chance of a pasasing fish to come across the bait.  As these fish are old they have seen almost every rig and bait going over the years so the typical response from them is to bolt as soon as they see a bed of bait.

Putting 8 baits spread over approximately 3 square feet so they didn’t stand out too much, Kev waited 20 minutes for the first fish to arrive which came cruising over the area and was a dark almost black mirror carp of about 16lb.  Waiting with anticipation as the fish hovered over the bait, as it slowly cleared the baited area it pivoted round onto the last bait in the area and took it.   Thinking it was just pure luck Kev didn’t get too excited but 3 or 4 minutes later the same fish came back this time with a smaller mirror just as dark and this time as soon as they came over the area they put their heads down and cleared the remaining 7 baits before leaving the area.

At this point Kev got very excited as he was climbing down from the tree that he had been watching the fish from, four fish swam back into the area.  Two were the previous fish that had cleared the area accompanied by a nice common carp that he had caught 6 years ago at 19lb (a big fish in the North East) and a fish that had been thought to be lost to otters.

All four fish came into the area and began troughing around trying to find more bait, there was no bait left and had been no bait on that margin for nearly 15 minutes, they were feeding like there was a bed of hemp down moving larger stones searching for where the smell and food source is coming from this went on for approx 2 minutes until they left.  There was no doubt in Kev’s mind that had he had a rod on that area he would have had a run as he had previously mentioned, it is a method he has used for several years with new bait and he’s often put bait onto the margin and sat for a few hours before seeing a fish just for the fish to check the area out and then leave.

Now Kev had done 4-5 or five sessions using the Ballistic B before going to France and had done well, catching plenty of doubles but the little demons inside his head were still saying “it’s a long way to go with a bait you’ve only used for a few months and he admits he did take a bit of extra cash just incase the going got tough.

As most of you may have seen the weather was not great for Kev’s week in France with temperatures ranging from 25C to 32C and most days the fish were slow coming.  However, out of 5 anglers on the lake Kev was constantly picking off one or two fish a day where between them the other anglers had three fish in three days!!  As you can imagine this boosted his confidence in the Ballistic B even more but he wasn’t exactly tearing the place apart.

It wasn’t until the last few days when the temperatures dropped that Kev began putting in the bait heavily, it was at this point that he really got excited about this bait as the fish couldn’t get enough of it.

His usual rule is a kg mid day or 2 hours before first light then after every fish give them 2 spombs full and he was finding after re casting that he often couldn’t complete 2 spombs as he was getting runs while the bait was getting spombed in over them.

By the end of the week the results had shown for themselves, Kev had caught double the amount of fish that any other angler on the lake had and the only difference was he had Rod Hutchinson Ballistic B.  This is a bait that Kev is sure these fish had never seen before and he didn’t need to spend his emergency fund!!


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