How to tie the Knotless Knot

The knotless knot was first invented in the eighties by Kevin Maddocks and Lenny Middleton when they tied human hair to the hook and attached a bait to the hair freeing the hook from any obstructions from bait.  This resulted in carp anglers catching more and more fish and the hair started to become an every day piece of tackle in an anglers arsenal.

Tying the hair rig is fairly simple, the first step is to tie a simple figure of eight knot in the end of a piece of hook link material, this can be anything from a simple piece of monofilament to a specialist hook link material, this will act as a holding place for a “bait stop” which will hold your bait on the hair.

Next push a baiting needle through your chosen bait such as our The Force Pop Ups, place the baiting needle hook into the eye of the loop you created on your hair and pull the bait onto the hair.  Place a bait stop through the loop and pull the bait up against the stop.

Place the hair against the back of the hook with the bait as near or far away from the curve of the hook as you would like, some people fish with the bait right up against the hook others prefer to make a longer hair and have a little distance between the hook and the bait.  Feed the line through the eye of the hook from the back to the front.

Now firmly grip the curve of the hook and the bait in your thumb and finger, with the other hand whip the line back up the shank of the hook in tight uniform coils (usually around 5-8 coils) and then pull the end of the line back through the back of the eye of the hook and pull firmly to tighten everything up.

You can now either place a piece of shrink tube over the whipped line and shrink it down, at the other end of the hair rig you can either tie another figure of eight knot or you can add a swivel the choice is up to you.


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