Homemade Boilie Toppers by Roy Lawler

With so many venues now are starting to ban plastic baits, those of us that love to top our boilies with a little something are falling foul of this rule, so what better way to continue with this than to make your own corn toppers.

With good quality pop up mix readily available and easy to use the biggest choice is going to be down to colour and flavour, Roy starts with a single egg, 1ml of Intense Sweetener, 5ml of flavour in this case Mulberry Florentine, give them a little mix together and then start to slowly add your pop up mix a spoon full at a time, mixing as you go you will eventually end up with a playdough like consistency. 

Next roll it into what ever size you are looking to make Roy uses an 11mm rolling table himself but if you do not have these you can just pull off a little at a time and roll them into balls by hand.

When you have a small pop up size ball gently place them between your thumb and forefinger and shape them into little corn shaped pieces just like the plastic toppers that your replacing.

Although this is time consuming the end result is superb and of course as with all home made baits such a buzz when you catch on them.

Once you’ve made them all you can bring a pan to the boil and let it simmer then add you baits, Roy boils his 11mm for 1 minute 30 seconds.

Take them out and allow them to dry off on a piece of kitchen towel, once dry you should then allow them to fully air dry for between 3-5 days depending on your conditions.

You can of course if required add a preservative to make them a shelf life product but Roy prefers to leave this out and just freeze any leftovers.

Once in your arsenal of baits these can be used in a variety of ways either as originally intended as a boilie topper or on their own as pop up corn or even, one that Roy is really starting to like is a single on a ronnie rig.

How ever you use them, they are a great and inexpensive alternative to a fake plastic bait that if snapped off will stay live on a rig for a very long time.


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