Jamie Brown had been looking to change his rods for a while as he had some entry level 3lb rods that had done him very well but that couldn’t achieve the distance he needed at some of the waters that he fishes. Trying out for Carp Team Scotland Jamie needed some rods that would help […]

If you would like to have a copy of our new 2019 product catalogue but don’t have a stockist near to you, why not download a digital copy for you to view at your convenience? Simply click on the cover image of our catalogue below to download a copy of our catalogue now. If you can’t […]

Winter Fishing? Long hours of darkness, grey sky’s very often wet and bitterly cold.  However on the plus side the carp are in pristine condition, lovely golden colours and can be at their best weights.  If you’re going to fish during the winter picking the right water is key, Steve’s preferred water is a pit […]

      Making a stick mix to match your boilie can be very easy to do, the first thing to do is grind up some of the boilies that you are using as your hook bait.  You can do this in a dedicated boilie grinder or you can just chuck them into a blender. […]

The knotless knot was first invented in the eighties by Kevin Maddocks and Lenny Middleton when they tied human hair to the hook and attached a bait to the hair freeing the hook from any obstructions from bait.  This resulted in carp anglers catching more and more fish and the hair started to become an […]

Malcolm recently got back from his annual trip to France, he decided to take with him bait wise “The Force” and Mulberry Florentine. The first day was about getting set up and on the second night Malcolm put two rods in, one on the Mulberry Florentine and one on The Force, at 3:30am he was […]

With so many venues now are starting to ban plastic baits, those of us that love to top our boilies with a little something are falling foul of this rule, so what better way to continue with this than to make your own corn toppers. With good quality pop up mix readily available and easy […]

Kev Beaumont recently went to France, it was a risky journey as the lake in question had been dominated by a well known brands bait for nearly 10 years and this would be the first time the lake had seen the Rod Hutchinson Ballistic B. Kev’s confidence in the Ballistic B had only been built […]

Steve Gilbey decided to go on a spontaneous fishing session when he found himself with about six hours spare, it literally took him about half an hour to get the car packed and off fishing. Whilst he was driving he found it quite unbelievable how quick he could get ready and go.  Usually sessions are […]

Team member Grant Banton shares a step by step guide on how he boosts his KMG boilies which he then uses on the hook and for pre-baiting spots to get the fish feeding.  So to start with, what you would need; *KMG Boilies in preferred  sizes *Glug of choice (Grant went for the Rod Hutchinson […]

With rigs such as the German Rig, The Ronnie Rig, The Combi Rig and many more becoming increasingly popular, one question we see asked quite a lot is “How do you attach a bait to a micro swivel?”. There are a few ways to attach a bait but one of the easiest to do is […]

New Rod Hutchinson Camo Leads. Tim Thornton has been using all sorts of leads over the years from self cast home made leads, sea leads and all singing all dancing carp leads.  To be fair most of them have done their job and he has put carp on the bank. Tim has this to say, […]

SHORT SESSION SUCCESS On limited time a situation many of us face when we go fishing so I hope that many of you can relate to the content, so what is a short Session for you guys 2 hrs 8hrs 12 hrs or 24 hrs?  Well the answer is a mixture I guess but mine consists […]

Team member Tim Thornton has been using our Enduro 12ft Spod Rods for a while now and he wanted to do a review on them to let everyone know what he thinks of them. I have owned a number of rods that I have used for Spodding out bait to a chosen spot in the […]

Team member Grant Walters talks about his experiences as a carp angler in 2018… I would like to start by saying, I’m not going to bore you with my past carp fishing background. Other than I have been a carp angler for nearly 25yrs.  Nor am I going to talk about the same rigs, baits […]


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