Attach a Bait to a Micro Swivel by Blobbing

With rigs such as the German Rig, The Ronnie Rig, The Combi Rig and many more becoming increasingly popular, one question we see asked quite a lot is “How do you attach a bait to a micro swivel?”.

There are a few ways to attach a bait but one of the easiest to do is as follows…

Take a micro swivels and thread a 3” (increase to 6” if you want more than one bait) piece of monofilament through it, now put your bait onto a baiting needle.

Fold the two tag ends of the monofilament (we’ve found that Stroft UK gives a neater finish due to its finer diameter but any monofilament will work) over to create a loop and place it in the open eye of your baiting needle and close the eye.

Slide the bait down the baiting needle and over the monofilament, holding the tag ends so that they don’t just slide back through the eye of the baiting needle.

Once your bait is on the monofilament keep pushing the bait down and firmly push the bait onto the micro swivel until you only have one eye of the micro swivel showing.

Trim the monofilament down so that you have 1-2cm left. Using a lighter heat these tag ends up so that they melt and as they get near to the bait use the side of the lighter to flatten (blob) the tag ends down creating a bait stop that sits snugly against the boilie.

If you do this with 10 or so baits and put them in a pot with some glug or liquid food, you will have several ready to go baits that you can change over quickly on your chosen rig.

If you prefer there is a slight variation to this rig, follow the first steps until you have the bait on the swivel.

Now, instead of cutting the tag ends place a bait stop on top of the bait and tie it in place using to overhand knots.


Trim the tag ends and again ‘blob’ them to the knot to prevent the knot slipping, as long as you keep using the same size bait(s) you now have a reusable removable hair rig.


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