A Spontaneous Session for Steve Gilbey

Steve Gilbey decided to go on a spontaneous fishing session when he found himself with about six hours spare, it literally took him about half an hour to get the car packed and off fishing.

Whilst he was driving he found it quite unbelievable how quick he could get ready and go.  Usually sessions are planned weeks in advance when he knows he can fit a days fishing in, plans such as where should he go? what swim should he chose, how many other anglers, what’s the weather going to be like, what rigs should he take, what food and bait would he need, etc, etc.  He started to think that maybe he (and some other anglers) over complicate his fishing more than he should.

The weeks of preparation was blown out of the water when a few friends Steve hadn’t seen for a while were fishing his local for 48 hours and invite him down, with those 6 hours spare Steve was off in a flash, he packed his rods, net, mat, rod pod with alarms and a bag of Ballistic B with matching pop ups along with his tackle bag and set off to join his friends for a few hours fishing and a catch up.

His friends had already been at the lake since 6:30am and it was about 10:30am when Steve arrived after dropping the kids off.  The lake is about five acres with two islands and no more than 8ft deep.  The wind was blowing hard although it felt fairly warm and his friends had already bivvied up at the far end of the lake with the wind behind them.

After a catch up with old friends who he used to fish with at another local lake near Ely Steve set up on the far left of the trio fishing into the teeth of the wind.  Casting one rod to a spot on the corner of the island with a small overhanging bush, the other rod was cast into the left in the corner of the lake between an overhanging tree and two sets of lily pads.

Fishing a 15mm Ballistic B pop up on a multi rig which wasn’t Steve’s normal rig but he had been thinking of trying it on this lake and it just felt right.  Firing out a handful of Ballistic B which should be enough to gain an interest along the island edge he was fishing.

The rod in the corner was fished with a german rig with half a Ballistic B pop up and half a Ballistic B pop up so that it sat nicely on the bottom between the two lily pads.  Over this Steve through a handful of squashed Ballistic B bottom baits.

Just as Steve was laying his second rod onto the alarms the rod by the island screamed off, Steve couldn’t believe it and neither could his friends who had only had one bite between them.  The fish kited along the island margin but after applying steady pressure from his DMX rod he pulled it away from the island and a lovely mirror carp graced his net and his friends helped with the photo.

The fish was returned and the rig was placed back in the same spot with another scattering of Ballistic B to bring the fish back to the area.  Steve sat down for a cuppa and ribbing his friend on how much new gear he was always buying, then within 20 minutes the island rod was away again and this time a nice 16lb common slide into the net.

Wasting no time getting the rod back out, Steve was just feeling the lead down and the tip whipped round in his hand!!  Fish on and it was taking line as it sped along the island shelf.  This fish felt bigger and as it tired in the edge and he could see it was a nice common, as it slid into the net it looked a good one.

This lake contained a few fish that went into the 20lb bracket but not very many so Steve was guessing about 18lb, to his surprise and delight the scales went round to 22lb 5oz – what a result!!

He had one more common on the island spot just about into double figures so a really productive spot that has been noted for his next session and as this one was in the mat Steve’s second rod was off on a screaming run and by the time he lifted into the fish, it had reached the Lillie pads on the other side of the overhanging tree.

It topped on the edge of the lilies and battled to get its head into safety but a little side strain and steady pressure applied with the DMX rod and Steve guided the fish back to him.

Steve loves his DMX rods and says “they really are a wonderful piece of kit, slim and powerful but with such a forgiving action a rod that you just want to use rather than admire.  For my two rod set up they do everything I can ask of them.  If you are after a set of top quality carp rods that are high end then check out the DMX range from Rod Hutchinson I am lucky enough to own a set along with the DMX landing net another high end quality product.”

All in all another really enjoyable short session making use of the limited time that Steve has.  He has to mention the Bait element again as part of the equation to a successful session, he loves the Ballistic B which is his go to bait and he knows that this bait is catching fish everywhere it is being used.  When Rod Hutchinson say it is a year round bait it certainly is and Steve thinks that at this time of year it will really come into its own.

As the leaves fall and the bottom is a bit choddy, a nice pop up fished just off the bottom will be nicely visible ready to be snapped up by a passing carp and fished tight to features is in Steve’s opinion unbeatable.  Get out there and give it a try for yourself.


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