A simple yet effective all year round stick mix




Making a stick mix to match your boilie can be very easy to do, the first thing to do is grind up some of the boilies that you are using as your hook bait.  You can do this in a dedicated boilie grinder or you can just chuck them into a blender.









Now you want to add an equal amount of fine breadcrumb, we have used fine white breadcrumb but you can use any colour you want.







Next add a couple of handfuls of drained sweetcorn, you can use the liquid if you want to but you will need to add some sea salt in order to make it pva friendly.









Add a good helping of boilie dip or liquid food that matches your boilies.  We have used nothing but the boilie dip but if you don’t want to use that much you can thin it out a bit with some bottled mineral water.






You want to add enough liquid so that the stick mix holds together when squeezed in the palm of your hand but falls apart nicely with a little push.  This way when the pva melts and the lake water starts to seep into the mix, it will break down and leave a nice little patch of feed around your hook bait.


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